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The Miami Heat Are Having Fun Again

The Miami Heat are now 2-0 since snapping their seven game losing streak. Not much has changed in the lineup, or philosophy-wise; they are just back having fun. The Heat are back doing the little things to get wins in this league.

Miami Heat vs Memphis Grizzles

Miami Heat Season

Coach Spoelstra said nobody has even taken charge during that losing streak, but Terry Rozier did last night vs the Washington Wizards. Rozier's shot isn't falling yet, but he is doing all the dirty work. He ended the night with eight rebounds and five assists. 

You see players dancing during pregame warmups cheering and jumping for each other after a bucket. Not too much of that was going on during the losing streak. 

Miami Heat vs Memphis Grizzles

Miami Heat Team

Whatever was said in that film session a few days ago was needed and pushed a button that needed to be pushed. The Heat have the talent, and they have the coach to be a really good team. Now, they have to focus on the details.

Miami Heat vs Memphis Grizzles

Miami Heat Winning Streak

Jimmy Butler is leading them, and that is mainly the reason for the change. He’s the guy that can elevate this team to contention whenever he feels like it. Butler is averaging 27 points, eight rebounds, and four assists over the last four games. 

He is the key to everything. It's pretty simple. 

They face a tough and loaded Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday that will test them in every way possible. This will be an excellent opportunity to see how they handle adversity and if they will roll over if they get hit in the mouth early. This was a common occurrence during the losing streak, but they will have the chance to show everyone that things have changed. 

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