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Miami Heat vs New York Knicks Takeaways

Jaime Jaquez is a difference-maker and may need to become a permanent starter. He continues to make the right plays and be the spark the Miami Heat needs every time things get stagnant. 

Aggressive Jimmy Butler can make everything look better. All of the trades and lineup changes go away whenever Butler is aggressive. He’s the one who can cover up lots of the blemishes as big-time stars do. If Luka or Embiid aren’t aggressive, their teams don’t look the same, and it’s the same with Butler and the Heat.

Miami Heat vs Memphis Grizzles

Miami Heat vs New York Knicks

The Heat need a legit backup center. The experiment with Thomas Bryant has run its course, and although Kevin Love is still serviceable, he is aged. You don’t want to play him heavy minutes down the stretch, either. Teams with actual size give the Heat fits, and they have no answer yet for someone like Kristaps Porzinigs. 

The New York Knicks are a real threat. Jalen Brunson's elevation into stardom and the addition of OG Anunoby forces you to take them seriously. This isn’t the same old Knicks that we've grown to know. They have the firepower and physicality to hang with the best of them, and it’s not a fluke.

Miami Heat vs Memphis Grizzles

Miami Heat vs New York Knicks Post Game

Heat has to find ways to get Bam Adebayo easier looks. He caught a few lobs tonight for a couple of easy buckets, but it's still not enough. Too many of his scoring opportunities are tough midrange jumpers or him physically dominating his defender. Adebayo is an All-Star who has improved his offensive game and should become a priority in the Heat offense. 

Miami Heat vs Memphis Grizzles

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