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L.A. Dodgers Over/UnBetting Predictions

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Do you think the Dodgers can win more or less than 96 games in 2023?

Despite breezing to a MLB-best 111 regular season wins to go OVER a 97-win total over/under, the Dodgers were sent packing for the offseason after dropping the 2022 NLDS to the San Diego Padres.

Mookie Betts, Freddie Freeman, a top-notch pitching rotation, and a strong crop of young players are still around. J.D. Martinez, Miguel Rojas and Noah Syndergaard were added over the winter.

Trea Turner, Justin Turner, and Cody Bellinger, all key contributors in recent years, are gone. Walker Buhler (elbow surgery) and Gavin Lux (torn ACL) are out for all of 2023.

Yet, the Dodgers, expected to challenge for another World Series berth, are listed at a 95.5-win total over/under at a host of US sportsbooks. MLB regular season win totals, released last month by US sportsbooks, can be a profitable market to pursue for baseball bettors looking for a solid return on investment.

Do you think the Dodgers can go OVER 95.5 wins in 2023. Here is more on my best MLB UNDER bet to make before the start of the regular season. (Check your favorite sportsbook for updated MLB win totals, odds, etc.)

Miami ManCave Show

Bet on 2023 L.A. Dodgers to fall short of 95.5-win total

The Dodgers, a popular bet to make the 2023 World Series, are counting on Rojas and Syndergaard, in part, to fill the holes left by big injuries to Lux and Buhler.

Martinez, who reportedly wanted to retire as a Red Sox, is being bet on to pick up some of the offensive slack alongside Betts and Freeman, while Max Muncy and Chris Taylor look to rebound from down years. I'm not betting on any of it.

Clayton Kershaw's health aside, the Dodgers, to me, have the feel of a team trusting a lot of players who could be way past their prime (namely Martinez, Rojas, and Syndergaard) while banking on good players (Muncy, Taylor, and Will Smith) to play above said expectations.

Julio Urias and Dustin May will give L.A. a chance on most nights, but getting positive results, or wins, when the rotation turns to Syndergaard and Kershaw is definitely no guarantee.

The lost of both Andrew Heaney and Tyler Anderson could also hamper the pitching depth at some point in 2023.

Lastly, the NL West, featuring the loaded Padres (Xander Bogaerts), retooled Giants (Sean Manaea, Mitch Haniger, Michael Conforto), and upstart D'Backs, is no cake. Although, the Dodgers, thanks to the reworked schedule allowing for just 13 games vs. divisional opponents, will see less of the NL West this season.

Still, I am not sold on the b

ottom of the Dodgers' lineup and their middle infield, especially with Lux out for 2023. I've also seen plenty of Rojas, a standout for years on a bottom-tier Marlins team, to know better.

(UNDER 95.5 wins is my bet on the 2023 Los Angeles Dodgers).

How to make Run Total Bets On MLB Games

That's right, baseball bettors! With the 2023 Major League Baseball season set to begin on March 30 and (potentially) offering full 162-schedules for all 30 teams, there are plenty of betting opportunities for baseball bettors, no matter their skill level.

And while betting on Major League Baseball may require some math skills, placing bets on money lines, run lines and run totals on individual games is not very complicated and/or difficult to understand.

Here now is a 'How To Bet On Major League Baseball' using moneyline, run line and run total bet samples.

Similar to other sports, MLB bettors have the option of betting on a 'Total', which is the 'total runs scored' in a game. For example, let's say the 'Total' for the Mets-Marlins game is 8.5. If you bet the 'Total' to go over, the Mets and Marlins would have to score nine runs (combined) for you to win your bet. If you think the 'Total' will stay under 8.5 runs, both teams would have to score eight runs or less (combined) for you to win your MLB 'Total' Bet. (Please check your favorite sportsbook for updated odds, etc.) Down the line: A moneyline bet is just one of many options available for bettors looking to bet on Major League Baseball.

Fernie Ruano, a South Florida-based multimedia specialist and copywriter with a concentration in sports betting analysis and Miami culture, has just about covered it all over the years. Follow him on Twitter at @bet_on305fernie.

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