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Updated: Aug 23, 2023

MLB betting resolves, for the most part, on the odds for a given team to win, also known as the moneyline. A moneyline bet also centers on a $100 wager. For example, let's suppose the Mets -- Justin Verlander on the mound -- are (-200) favorites on the moneyline over the underdog Marlins. If you bet on the Mets, that means you would have to risk $200 for every $100 you're looking to win. If you bet on the Marlins (+200), the moneyline underdog in this spot, you would have to risk $100 for every $200 you want to win. Moneylines vary depending on the teams, starting pitchers, lineups, etc. So, keeping tabs on injuries, lineup changes and starting pitchers is strongly suggested, if you are serious about winning your moneyline bets.

How to make Runline Bets On MLB Games

MLB also adds a point spread, also known as a run line. Using the sample above, again, let's say the Mets are (-1.5, -150) run line favorites over the Marlins. If you bet New York to win on the run line, the Mets would not only have to win the game straight up, but defeat the Marlins by at least two runs. A bet on the Marlins, let's suppose at (+1.5, +145), would mean Miami would have to win the game straight up, or lose by no more than one run for you to win your run line bet. While it may seem more difficult to win this type of bet, it offers all MLB bettors a more economical price - than the money line, which can require you pay a hefty price on occasion. Especially, when betting on big favorites (Mets at -200, etc.)

Miami ManCave Show

How to make Run Total Bets On MLB Games

That's right, baseball bettors! With the 2023 Major League Baseball season set to begin on March 30 and (potentially) offering full 162-schedules for all 30 teams, there are plenty of betting opportunities for baseball bettors, no matter their skill level.

And while betting on Major League Baseball may require some math skills, placing bets on money lines, run lines and run totals on individual games is not very complicated and/or difficult to understand.

Here now is a 'How To Bet On Major League Baseball' using moneyline, run line and run total bet samples.

Similar to other sports, MLB bettors have the option of betting on a 'Total', which is the 'total runs scored' in a game. For example, let's say the 'Total' for the Mets-Marlins game is 8.5. If you bet the 'Total' to go over, the Mets and Marlins would have to score nine runs (combined) for you to win your bet. If you think the 'Total' will stay under 8.5 runs, both teams would have to score eight runs or less (combined) for you to win your MLB 'Total' Bet. (Please check your favorite sportsbook for updated odds, etc.) Down the line: A moneyline bet is just one of many options available for bettors looking to bet on Major League Baseball.

Fernie Ruano, a South Florida-based multimedia specialist and copywriter with a concentration in sports betting analysis and Miami culture, has just about covered it all over the years. Follow him on Twitter at @bet_on305fernie.

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