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Wins Stock: 2023 MLB Over/Under Totals (Ranking) For All 30 Teams

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

MLB Opening Day 2023 is on Thursday and with 4,860 games, potentially, on the schedule, there are plenty of opportunities for baseball bettors. I also want to educate and motivate you to make better decisions when it comes to betting on MLB action. With the start of the season just days away, here are revisited my Over/Under Win Totals rankings for all 30 teams. (Note: Please check out your favorite sportsbook for updated MLB Win Totals and odds. While open to partnerships with sports/sports betting partners, I have no affiliation with BetMGM.) 30.) Oakland A's: Sadly, getting a reasonable price to bet on/against the A's (59.5) will be impossible in 2023. Although, Kyle Muller might be worth a few sprinkles on occasion - including on Opening Day. But wake me up when the A's, who still believe in looking sharp, especially when they cover up in lots of green and gold, start trying to make us a little money. 29.) Colorado Rockies: Even, bets on over run totals involving the punch less Rockies (67.5) might be a thing of the past. At least, you can bet on Kris Bryant being around, in case you need cash. Or a new humidor. 28.) Washington Nationals: If you can name two Nationals players in less than a minute, you deserve to win all your bets on Washington (60.5) anytime this year. 27.) Pittsburgh Pirates: Do you trust any team betting on Rich Hill's left arm to go over a win total of (67.5)? I thought so. 26.) Cincinnati Reds: I'm betting the Reds (64.5) are going to get 10 wins apiece from Hunter Green and Nick Lodolo. But I'm not running to the betting window, just yet. 25.) Detroit Tigers: Austin Meadows, and Spencer Torkelson are solid bets to delay trips to the bathrooms at Comerica Park. However, the Tigers (69.5) pitching staff is also a solid bet to make you sick. 24.) Kansas City Royals: The game of baseball requires a pitching mound, so not even an endless supply of Kansas City barbecue might be able to get the Royals (68.5) near their over/under wins total. But young players such as Bobby Witt and MJ Melendez intrigue, if not make you think hard about betting Royals to go 'Over'. 23.) Arizona Diamondbacks: Get your bets in now on Zac Gallon making a serious run for the 2023 Cy Young Award. After you think about betting on the D'Backs (75.5) to go way 'Over'. 22.) Seattle Mariners: Hooray.We know all about Luis Castillo, Robbie Ray, Logan Gilbert and George Kirby. But the M's (88.5), feeling like a stretch to reach 89 wins, tend to go hitless in Seattle for long stretches. (Note: ✓ the 2022 MLB Playoffs) 21.) Cleveland Guardians: Is Jose Ramirez and an okay pitching staff enough to convince you the Guardians (87.5) are going over their current wins total? No. 20.) Milwaukee Brewers: Take advantage of the Brewers (87.5) quality pitching staff and track those game run totals, whenever you see a solid chance to profit. Milwaukee did little to improve their offense. Otherwise, I'm not betting on the Brewers to shake up the NL Central. Or Corbin Burnes for some more money.

2023 Major League Baseballe Over/Under Totals

19.) Tampa Bay Rays: I bet the Rays (88.5) small market narrative, which they've squeezed everything out of in recent years, finally implodes. With or without, Wander Franco. 18.) Atlanta Braves: Despite spending millions of dollars to keep their core players together, I'm betting too many things have to go right for the Braves (95.5), already dealing with key injuries (*K. Wright), to win the NL East, again. I'm not betting on it to happen. 17.) St. Louis Cardinals: Last I saw, the Cardinals (89.5) offense, still big on Nolan Arenado and Paul Goldschmidt, was getting 00000000 by the Phillies. Use caution if betting on the Cardinals, even with all those young pitching arms. 16.) Minnesota Twins: The Twins (82.5) doubled down on Carlos Correa. I'm doubling/betting on Pablo Lopez, traded to Minnesota from Miami in the off-season, never shaving his beard, again. Stay warm, Pablo. 15.) Baltimore Orioles: No, I didn't crash into a bird on my run. If top prospects Grayson Rodriguez and DL Hall rattle the starting rotation, the O's (76.5) are a smart bet to pick up where they left off a year ago and cover the o/u total here. 14.) Boston Red Sox: Alex Cora might opt for a Dunkin Donuts diet, after taking a real good look at the Red Sox (77.5) 2023 Opening Day lineup. I'm betting you should lockdown your favorite trash can. 13.) Miami Marlins: A sucker for nostalgia, I'm betting Jazz Chisholm Jr., now a video game cover boy and a center fielder no longer begging for All-Star Game votes from the shortstop position, and the rest of the Marlins (74.5), celebrating their 30th year anniversary, are about to cook up something fresh en La Pequeña Havana.

MLB Over/Under 2023

2023 MLB Over/Under Predictions

Looks 'Over': RHP Sandy Alcántara, the 2022 National League Cy Young Award winner, makes the Miami Marlins a smart bet to shake up the NL East in 2023. Photo: Getty 📸 The Marlins pitching staff, led by Sandy Alcántara & Friends (Johnny Cueto, Edward Cabrera, Sixto Sanchez, Jesus Luzardo and Trevor Rogers), is also going to stuff the NL East with Cuban sandwiches. The Marlins, underpriced in my opinion, are a live 'dog to win the NL East. Especially, with the Braves, Mets and Phillies all nursing significant injuries to start the season. (I'm also all on select "Flashback Fridays", when the Marlins will wear pinstripe teal uniforms as a throwback to 1997.) 12.) Los Angeles Dodgers: Are you betting on the Dodgers (96.5), a very proud franchise currently counting on a bunch of faceless players, to muster up enough offense and revive Clayton Kershaw in order to outlast the Padres in the NL West? We're not betting it, here. 11.) Chicago Cubs: I bet you didn't know Dansby Swanson is the Cubs (77.5) new shortstop. I'm betting Swanson and a very under-the-radar pitching staff are about to make Wrigley Field a lot of fun, again. 10.) San Francisco Giants: I like teams such as the Giants (80.5), counting on leftovers (Michael Conforto, Mitch Haniger) after swinging and missing on a pair of big fish (Carlos Correa and Aaron Judge). The Giants, betting on plenty of pitching depth behind Logan Webb, will be a serious problem, if Conforto and Haniger stay out of the trainer's room. 9.) Chicago White Sox: Not having Tony La Russa around anymore, in addition to playing in a weak division, make the Sox (84.5) a solid bet to win at least 85 games, and hang in the American League Central. (Bet Tip: The White Sox, always good for a Cuban connection, have one in 2023.)

2023 MLB Over and Unders

8.) New York Yankees: Same old story with the Yankees (95.5), but does resigning Judge, Anthony Rizzo and adding Carlos Rodon (to a pitching staff already out Nestor Torres and Frankie Montas) make them legit World Series contenders? I'm betting there's a chance this Yankees experiment goes sideways. 7.) San Diego Padres: Adding Michael Wacha, who apparently will work anywhere, and is coming off a career rebirth in Boston, was an off-the-radar move. It also makes the Padres (93.5), serious World Series contenders, even better. No matter, what the Dodgers do. 6.) Los Angeles Angels: If not now, then when will Otani, Mike Trout and the rest of the Angels (80.5) put it all together? 5.) Texas Rangers: Watching Greg Maddox sitting on a golf cart, while trying to teach anything to Jacob deGrom, Nathan Eovaldi and Jon Gray is enough to make you want to bet the Rangers (82.5) to win a lot of baseball games this season. Unless, all this goes bad. 4.) New York Mets: The Mets (95.5) are betting on Justin Verlander to carry a pitching staff with plenty of depth questions, and more of the same from Francisco Lindor, Brandon Nimmo, Pete Alonso and Starling Marte. Don't bet it. 3.) Philadelphia Phillies: Can the Phillies (88.5), out Harper to start the season and Hoskins for all of 2023, bet on Nola and Wheeler to carry them deep into the summer? Make your bets cautiously. 2.) Houston Astros: Too many things need to go right, including a repeat performance from Jeremy Peña. I'm betting the Astros (96.5) will not win the World Series for a second straight year. 1.) Toronto Blue Jays: The Blue Jays (92.5) are so young and talented, even the real Jose Berrios might decide to join them soon, and help you cash a lot of betting tickets this season. I'm also betting, you didn't know Don Mattingly has a grudge against the Yankees.

Fernie Ruano, a South Florida-based multimedia specialist and copywriter with a concentration in sports betting analysis and Miami culture, has just about covered it all over the years. Follow him on Twitter at @bet_on305fernie.

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