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How To Make NFL Moneyline Bets On Football Games

With the NFL regular season almost here, bettors everywhere are prepping for a bonanza of football action over the next five months making NFL moneyline bets. And with a host of sportsbook apps available, including at Fan Duel and Draft Kings, a number of different bets are available when betting on the NFL. But a moneyline bet is still a popular option when looking for pro football action. Here is a short explanation of a 'moneyline bet', and how to make one when betting pro football.

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How to Make a NFL Moneyline Bet

Moneyline bets, common place in baseball, soccer, and other sports where the final score(s) tend to be on the lower side, can also be made on NFL games. Unlike with a point spread bet, you're betting on what team will the win the game when making a moneyline bet on any particular NFL team. (*The final score doesn't matter - as long as the team you bet on wins the game.)

NFL Moneyline Action: What is a NFL moneyline bet favorite?

Moneyline favorites (-170) are denoted with a negative sign; underdogs are denoted with a plus sign (+;). Let's say the underdog Dolphins (+130) are playing the favorite Texans (-170). If you think Miami is going to win, you bet $100 to win $130. If you like Houston to cash your moneyline bet, you must bet $170 to win $100. (Reminder: A 10-20 % fee, known as the 'juice' in sports betting circles, will be baked into your moneyline bet. So, a $100 bet will cost you from $110-$120.) Moneyline: In order to win your moneyline bet, the team you bet has to win the game.

Fernie Ruano, a South Florida-based multimedia specialist and copywriter with a concentration in sports betting analysis and Miami culture, has just about covered it all over the years. Follow him on Twitter at @bet_on305fernie.

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