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What’s wrong with the Miami Heat?

The Miami Heat are bad, and it’s not just one person's fault. Heat fell to their 7th straight loss against the Phoenix Suns, who were on the second night of a back-to-back. The most glaring part of the game was the lack of energy and fight. 

Suns punched the Heat in the mouth to start the second quarter, and they never swung back. Instead, buckets for the Suns continued to stay wide-open. 

Miami Heat vs Memphis Grizzles

Miami Heat Season

“No trades or lineup changes is going to change that.” - Jimmy Butler said to the media after the game

Multiple Suns players had had uncontested jumpers throughout the night. Everything looked easy, with little to no resistance.

Tyler Herro’s shot attempts and usage rate is always one of the main topics. He took 18 shots last night, while Jimmy Butler took 12, and Bam Adebayo took nine attempts. I can't fault Herro for being aggressive, and someone has to create a bucket for this team. 

Miami Heat vs Memphis Grizzles

Miami Heat Team

You never know which version of Butler you will get at this point in the season, so where else will the shot creation come from? 

You rarely see Adebayo get any plays run for him, and I think that's one of the biggest problems, offensively, not Herro’s usage rate. 

Miami Heat vs Memphis Grizzles

Miami Heat Losing Streak

If the Heat were to make a trade, Herro seems like the odd man out, unfortunately. I don't see Pat Riley making a move of that nature at the trade deadline, so the current roster must figure it out.

They have the talent and coach to get themselves out of the mud and get back into contention, but the question is, will they, or is the run with this roster build finally over? 

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