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The Miami Heat are starting to find their groove

The Miami Heat won five straight games by an average of 13 points. They are now 7-1 in their last eight games and have moved up to 5th in the Eastern Conference standings.

They have done it in a variety of ways. Bam Adebayo has elevated his play and has dominated on both ends of the court, especially in the fourth quarters of games.

Miami Heat vs Memphis Grizzles

Miami Heat Season Predictions

Jimmy Butler has been himself again. The energy and aggressiveness have picked up as he starts to smell the playoffs on the horizon. Whatever was said in the team meeting a few weeks ago has sparked a fire under the entire roster.

The Heat have been in a few scuffles since then with the Boston Celtics and New Orleans Pelicans, along with a couple of suspensions to go along with it. 

Miami Heat vs Memphis Grizzles

Miami Heat Review

After a couple of long playoffs runs, it’s hard to stay motivated during the dull regular season, as all you are worried about is the big dance, and it’s understandable for The Miami Heat. 

Miami Heat vs Memphis Grizzles

Miami Heat Winning Streak Continues

The Heat have been able to dig deep and find some extra motivation again to give them that push going into the final stretch, and it’s working. The gritty and fiery team fans are used to seeing has finally arrived, and it’s shaping up to be another fun postseason.

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