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A How-To On The Three Most Basic Sports Bets To Make When Betting On College Football

We here at Remix Sports Media have exhausted the Michael Irvin vs. Ed Reed debate as 'Greatest UM Football Player of All-Time' .. to the point we can't afford to replace anymore damaged furniture at some of our favorite barber shops around South Florida. So, we're literally counting down the days 'til the start of the college football season, while dreaming about cashing plenty of 'betting tickets' this fall.

That's right! Legally betting on college football in the state of Florida may soon be a reality as Seminole-owned casinos -and their rebranded betting (app) - could be a full-go by late-August. Therefore, we've decided to stop screaming at each other (until we meet on September 1 in a parking lot at Hard Rock Stadium), and instead introduce something we think will help bettors of all levels put money in their respective pockets, soon: a how-to on the three most basic bets you can make when betting on college football.

Miami ManCave Show

Sports Betting Against The Point Spread

Whether you consider yourself a wide-eyed freshman (betting novice) or a Heisman Trophy candidate (betting sharp) when it comes to betting on college football games, against the spread bets are still popular amongst bettors of all levels - if not easy to understand and make, when betting. For example, for you to win an against the spread bet on the Miami Hurricanes, currently (-17.5) point favorites over the Miami of (Ohio) RedHawks in a game scheduled for Sept. 1 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, the Hurricanes would have to win the game by at least 18 points. If you place a bet on the road underdog RedHawks, Miami (Ohio) would have to win the game, if not lose by 17 points or less to win your bet.

Sports Betting Over/Under Totals

Let's suppose you don't have a strong opinion on what team is going to win the game. If so, you have the option of betting on the Over/Under total, which is the combined number of points both teams are projected to score (as set by your sportsbook of choice). For example, let's play along and set the Over/Under total for RedHawks vs. Hurricanes at 58. If you believe it will be a high-scoring game, you can bet the 'Over'. You will win your Over/Under total bet, if both teams combine to score at least 59 points. If you think it will be a low-scoring game, you can bet the 'Under'. If both team combine to score 57 points or less, you win your Over/Under total bet.

Betting Moneyline Favorites/Underdogs

Also very popular amongst college football bettors, a moneyline bet simply requires picking the team you think will win the game. Let's assume - for this moneyline bet example - that the Miami Hurricanes are (-450) moneyline favorites to win their game vs. the Miami of (Ohio) RedHawks. If you place a moneyline bet on the Hurricanes, you would have to bet $450 to win $100 -- given Miami wins the game. But if you think the underdog RedHawks are worthy of pulling off the upset, a $100 bet to would return $450 on your moneyline bet. ($550 total per $100 bet). Fernie Ruano, a South Florida-based multimedia specialist and copywriter with a concentration in sports betting analysis and Miami culture, has just about covered it all over the years. Follow him on Twitter at @bet_on305fernie.

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