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Nard Knows


We're excited to introduce the latest sensation to grace Remix Sports Media, Nard Knows! Originally from the sports-rich state of Michigan and now making waves in the scenic landscapes of Utah, Nard Knows brings a cool and unique perspective to the world of sports coverage.

With a background deeply rooted in Michigan's vibrant sports culture, Nard Knows seamlessly blends his Midwestern sports spirit with the breathtaking vistas of Utah.


His journey from the Great Lakes to the mountains has shaped a narrative that resonates with authenticity, and he carries this original blend into the way he covers sports.

Nard Knows is renowned for his exceptional ability to cover sports in an incredibly cool way. From the courts to the fields, he injects every game with insightful commentary, witty analyses, and a fresh take that reflects both his Michigan roots and his current Utah adventure. This sports remixer is not just providing scores; he's creating an experience that goes beyond the game.

What sets Nard Knows apart is his knack for remixing sports content, turning every play into a captivating story. Now situated in Utah, he brings a new flavor to his coverage, adding the dynamic energy of the mountainous state to his already cool narrative.

Get ready for exclusive content that not only covers the scores but also captures the essence of the diverse sports culture in both Michigan and Utah. Whether you're a sports aficionado or just looking for a fresh take on the game, subscribe now to Nard Knows and witness the unique fusion of Michigan's sports spirit and Utah's mountainous coolness.

Connect with Nard Knows to stay in the loop with his latest releases, behind-the-scenes insights, and interactive fan engagement. At Remix Sports Media, we're not just changing the game; we're remixing it, and with Nard Knows, every remix is a cool journey from the Midwest to the mountains! 🚀🔊

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